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Why are people collecting vinyl?

Despite decades of innovation in music recording and listening, the resurgence of the vinyl record is definite proof that quality technology can stand the test of time. Music listeners grow and continue to love vinyl for many reasons but the main one being that analogue gives the audio a fuller, deeper and unrivalled sound in comparison to digital. Vinyl records have a certain warmth to their sound, which is commonly compared to that of live music and is often lost through CD or MP3.

Vinyl records wear and tear over time and uses so the sound becomes to change slightly, adding surface noise like crackles and pop along with other general inconsistencies. Many enthusiasts see this as part of the vinyl records charm because with time and listening, no record will sound the same.

There is a certain ritual to vinyl records where the consumer buys the vinyl, a delicateness when they remove the sleeve and places it on the record player, making it a more personal and engaging process. To add to this experience vinyl records force you to listen to the whole record from beginning to end, the way that most artists intended them to be played.

Our vinyl specialist Steve Parker spends valued time sorting through large collections of stellar vinyl. This means that our vinyl record auctions feature hundreds of hidden gems hand picked to please.

What is the value of a vinyl record?

As records are making a comeback people are commonly questioning what theirs are worth and if they should sell. Vinyl record valuations are an inexact science and there are a huge number a factors that are considered when determining the value of a vinyl record. When considering the value of a record, condition is paramount. Worn copies of records usually sell for modest amounts of money but in cases where the vinyl is so rare to the point of it being unique condition might not be a factor.

If you have a vinyl record that you think is unique and you would like to sell, fill out our valuation form and we can get back to you to discuss next steps. To find out about our upcoming vinyl record auctions visit our auction page.

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