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The bladed weapons section has grown massively over the last few years at Stroud Auctions. Linked closely to the guns and weapons and medals and militaria sections, it encompasses the sale of all bladed weapons including swords, daggers, knives and bayonets. Bladed weapons of all origins feature, including highly popular Japanese Samurai swords. With many lots selling for thousands of pounds its always worth bringing any items to be appraised by one of our specialists.

The history of blades can be traced back hundreds of years right back to the stone age where they would use flint tools. The bladed weapon has been changed and modified extensively over the centuries. Swords have been used predominantly in war for several millennia but there are other uses for them, such as hunting and domestic use. Most of the swords sold in bladed weapon auctions were made within the last few hundred years so whether you have an 18th century German rapier, a 17th century Japanese katana or a later item or collection, we’ve got you covered. Other types of bladed weapons include: daggers, bayonets, hunting knives, polearms and axes.

If you hold any original documentation like photographs or certificates about an item's historical significance this will help when trying to establish provenance.

To request a valuation of your item or selection of items just fill in the valuation form below and we will get back to you. If you have any questions about our bladed weapon auction give us a call on 01453 873800

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